February 12, 2017

MGallery launches ‘inspired by her’, a unique offer in luxury and upscale hotels, inspired by women

MGallery, Accor’s collection of memorable upscale hotels, emphasizes providing services and attentions especially for women. ‘Inspired by her’ has been tested since January 13 in four of the Collection’s hotels in France: the Hotel Carlton Lyon, the Grand Hotel de Cabourg, the Grand Hotel Roi René in Aix en Provence and the Hotel Baltimore in Paris.

Julie Grégoire, Senior Vice President HotelServices France, Luxury and Upscale explains: “Luxury and upscale hotels have largely been designed by men for men. Yet, the number of women staying at these hotels for both business and leisure has tripled over the last 10 years. MGallery is a daring and attentive brand and through this range of exclusive services and special attentions it is adapting to the demands of a growing female clientele, because attention to detail makes all the difference in this segment,” 




Women are now a growing customer base. They represent 43% of business travelers and take 75% of leisure travel decisions. To respond to this trend, and because it places service at the heart of its offer, MGallery is unveiling ‘Inspired by her’, a special range of services for women. 

To compile this range of services, the brand took an empirical approach by reaching out to its women guests and its general managers and by discussing the issue at length with key travel industry stakeholders. MGallery also based its approach on a survey of 250 women customers who are members of Accor’s loyalty program.

This survey highlighted three of their key concerns:

- The importance of feeling safe and comfortable,
- The peace of mind and well-being derived from suitable welcome products and stopgap solutions.
- A healthy, well-balanced and varied food and beverage offer. 

MGallery caters for all these concerns by offering a service tailored to the guest’s stay. As soon as a female guest arrives, she will receive a document describing all the services and accessories available to her. She will then be able to choose the location and size of her room, for example (she might prefer the cozy comfort of a smaller room), as well as a host of other special attentions, such as robes and slippers in her size, a full-length mirror, skirt hangers, a wide range of herbal teas, etc. 





If she needs them, she will be able to purchase Wolford tights, manicure kits, various creams and body care treatments offered in partnership with ‘OhMyCream’ the Net-a-Porter of top-end beauty products! 

The restaurant and room–service menus will include soups, salads, fresh fruit and other well-balanced dishes. Finally, this unique offering will include yoga mats and weights, ironing boards, women’s magazines and a host of other little attentions.

"Inspired by Her" is being tested since January 13, 2014 in four hotels in France: the Hotel Baltimore in Paris, the Grand Hotel Roi René in Aix en Provence, the Grand Hotel de Cabourg and the Hotel Carlton in Lyon. The objective is to roll out the offer in all the network’s hotels by the end of the year. 

CSR - MGallery is a Collection of nearly 70 high-end hotels belonging to the Accor group, the world’s leading hotel operator (3,600 hotels in 92 countries on five continents). Each hotel in the Collection brings to life with talent a unique personality and story, experienced by guests through its architecture, interior design and services. They are inspired by one of the Collection's three hallmark atmospheres: "Heritage" hotels charged with history reflecting their historic roots, "Signature" hotels that mirror an esthetic universe and style inspired by a personality who contributed to their creation or decoration, and "Serenity" hotels that offer guests a haven of relaxation in a seaside, rural, mountain or urban setting. All the hotels in the Collection invite guests to experience “Memorable Moments. MGallery and the hotels in the Collection share three strong values: "Singularity" - each hotel is unique and original with its own strong personality; "Elegance" - an MGallery hotel embodies distinction, stylishness and good taste; and, lastly, "Consideration" –their personnel take pride in offering guests respect, recognition and personalized service. 

Marine Sabat
Media Relations
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