February 22nd, 2018

Planning & Organizing: women's expertise in the art of travel

A pioneer in addressing the distinct needs of the female traveller, MGallery Hotels has designed a hospitality program especially for women: Inspired by Her. Through it, MGallery has been anticipating and responding to the demands of their female clientele with exclusive services and special considerations throughout her stay.

Working with the renowned global marketing research company, IPSOS, MGallery launched an in-depth study to examine the habits and requirements of the female traveller.  Over 2500 participants in 4 countries – France, Italy, Great Britain and Australia – were surveyed on the specific expectations of women staying at upmarket hotels.

Women’s involvement in planning and organizing trips was among the topics examined by the study.  The results have enabled MGallery to further enrich its Inspired by Her offer dedicated to answering the needs of travelling women around the world.

It All Starts with Her

With so many options available, planning and organizing a vacation or business trip is no simple task.  Yet despite their busy lives and what sometimes seems like a perpetual struggle to juggle work and family, women are the most likely to take on the responsibility for organizing trips as opposed to their partner.  When it comes to determining the destination, the vast majority – 83% – of women surveyed said that they have the last word.  A woman’s opinion is also the deciding factor when it comes to choosing a hotel.  Over 80% of women stated that when it comes to leisure travel, their choice of hotel is the one that wins.  In France that figure rises to 92%, clearly demonstrating the importance of Madame’s influence when it comes to decisions about travel.

The Pleasure of Packing

Having decided where to go, women seem to take the initiative when it comes to packing too.  In fact, about half of women surveyed said that they actually found packing to be a pleasure, whereas only a third of men surveyed shared their enthusiasm.  Although 10% leave it to the last minute, the majority of women (66%) like to take time packing their luggage when travelling with their partner, tackling the task 2 days before the day of departure.

Yet despite their care and effort, 73% of women systematically forget to pack an essential item. Cosmetics are more likely to be left behind than clothes, with the top five being nail polish and remover, razors & sun-cream and make-up remover. Available through MGallery’s Inspired by Her program, forgetting one of these beauty essentials is one less thing for a busy woman to worry about.

Making Memories

Only 55% of women surveyed said that they had experienced a “memorable moment” at a hotel, a somewhat disappointing figure which MGallery plans to improve by listening to ladies and learning from what this study had revealed. For example, of the most memorable moments experienced by women at hotels, wellbeing tops the list, with women from all cultures appreciating the intense feeling of wellness experienced after a treatment. Wellbeing is therefore a central theme to the Inspired by Her program. 

Since 30% of Brits and 27% of Australians said that their most memorable moment at a hotel was spent socialising, while 30% of French and 18% of Italian ladies said that their most memorable moment involved a gourmet meal, the Inspired by Her program has taken MGallery’s bars and restaurants into account, with special F&B offerings dedicated to a female clientele. With wellness and catering catered for through Inspired by Her, women staying at MGallery hotels can expect many more memorable moments when they travel.       

The Last Word?

The men included in this groundbreaking survey were overwhelmingly supportive of a female-oriented hospitality initiative and often corroborated the women’s opinions.  However, when it comes to having the last word about deciding where to go it’s interesting to note that only 30% of men freely admit that it’s their partner who has the last word, even though the vast majority of women say that they do. Could this be a question of male pride or a simple difference of opinion?  Perhaps it’s just a case of “vive la difference”, as long as couples get to their chosen destination… together!

Illustrations courtesy of Ines de la Fressange, iconic globetrotter and MGallery's global ambassador, in which she gives her very own vision of women travelling… in style!

About MGallery

MGallery is where captivating stories are lived and shared. With more than 90 storied boutique hotels around the world, each MGallery tells a unique story inspired by the destination. From bespoke design and sensorial mixology to wellbeing dedicated to women, MGallery hotels are places where guests can discover the very best the world has to offer. MGallery guests are inspired and enriched through their delightful visits to these stylish, thoughtful and decidedly singular hotels. Well-known properties in the MGallery collection include Hotel Molitor Paris, INK Hotel Amsterdam, Queens Hotel Cheltenham in England, Santa Teresa Hotel Rio de Janeiro, Hotel Lindrum Melbourne in Australia, Muse Bangkok Langsuan in Thailand, and Hotel des Arts Saigon in Vietnam. MGallery is part of AccorHotels, a world-leading travel and lifestyle group which invites travelers to feel welcome at more than 4,200 hotels, resorts and residences, along with some 10,000 of the finest private homes around the globe. |

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